Learning Center

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Learning Center

The Learning Center is one more moment to be together with colleagues, promoting stronger bonds and building knowledge.

It comes from a conception where knowledge results from a dynamic learning process involving different languages, and has a balance. The approaches focus on an individual and collective work, the questioning, the building of hypotheses, data collection, the effort in interpretation, decision making, socialization and the search for solutions.

This happens in distinct groups meeting weekly to discuss and study interdisciplinary fields of knowledge. It is worth mentioning that this is a moment of working with different age groups: G5/6 and 1st year.

The proposals are introduced to the students, who choose which to begin first. We always have 3 distinct proposals happening, and we offer the time to work on all. All the children may participate in each of the proposals.

This experience also offers students the opportunity to discover interests and abilities which are stimulated and developed throughout the scholastic year.