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Unesco Associated School

UNESCO is the United Nations agency specializing in Education, and the Education Sector provides global and regional leadership in Education, strengthens national systems and responds to global challenges through Education.
The Associated Schools Program is a UNESCO program primarily dedicated to schools. It is present in 182 countries and has 11,500 Associated Schools.
The UNESCO Associated Schools Network (Rede PEA) aims to build the defenses of peace in the minds of its students and teachers.
It promotes the values and principles of the UNESCO Constitution and the United Nations Charter, which include fundamental rights and human dignity, and gender equality, social progress, freedom, justice and democracy, respect for diversity and international solidarity.
It emphasizes the four pillars of education as a model defined in the 1996 UNESCO report:

I) Learning to know;

II) Learning to do;

III) Learning to be;

IV) Learning to live together.
UNESCO is a pioneer in innovative, participatory and creative methodologies and approaches, with the aim of changing and transforming Education systems and policies.