Distance Learning

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Distance Learning

Pedagogical work during quarantine

Given Brazil’s current scenario, Puzzle’s pedagogical team has come to the following decisions considering the school life sequence for the next months, until our presential classes return, which we hope to be soon.

Pedagogical Plan:

Our pedagogical team is making great efforts to offer students innovative proposals, in a way that we will compensate any possible learning discrepancy:

  • Increased amount of weekly online meetings with G2 and Toddler teachers;
  • Enlarging quantities of weekly meetings with G3 and G4 groups, with the support of specific educational material – workbooks with a variety of proposals to be done at home or within the meetings.
  • Workshops are being offered to support and challenge the 2ND year students.
  • Reading comprehension
  • Listening and Speaking Comprehension
  • Problem solving
  • Handwriting
  • Tuesday Readings – weekly meetings with the 1ST year teacher to improve the literary genres repertoire.
  • Division of some groups between classes A and B  (G5, 1ST and 2ND) with the purpose of allowing for more efficient work, taking close care to individual needs.
  • Frequent posting of our daily routine and news in the school’s Instagram page, so the parents get to know a little bit more about all the work developed in our school in the different groups.
  • Individual weekly meetings once or twice a week, with students who require a follow up and/or those who are somehow in need of adjustment to distance learning or e-learning.
  • Extra activities are sent daily through our App, contemplating a variety of proposals involving art, body and movement, playing and cooking, among others.
  • Frequent postage of videos made by our teaching staff in our Youtube channel, so that families can easily find use them as an additional tool to promote knowledge and repertoire improvement.

It is important that we maintain our partnership and trust in a way that we shall overcome this difficult time, and be able to go back to presential classes feeling prepared for the changes that will be presented in this new post pandemic society.

Kit Delivery

With the effort to preserve the bond created with our children, we have composed kits with a variety of material which can be used during the making of the forwarded proposals. In addition to the variety of textures, materials, supports, colors and flavors from our Puzzle, the kits also carry INVISIBLE CONTENTS.  They are: thoughts, memories, sweet nostalgia, affection and lots of dedication. BEWARE! You can’t see them, but you can feel the warmth of these special elements… We hope that both the visible and the invisible materials can provide a diversity of experiences and joy to everyone – the whole family. Enjoy and use your creative energy during the exploration of these materials. We will see each other at our weekly meetings!



The workshops were divided in three active modalities with specific topics:

  1. Attending learning difficulties: aimed for the development of abilities, content and necessary skills for this scholastic moment.



  1. Challenge: enlarge conceptual and methodological repertoire for students in search for new challenges.


  1. Study orientation: aims for guidance in the learning process.


Students will be given the opportunity, guided by teachers, to question, review contents, organize their knowledge, study routine, and enlarge their understanding about the subjects.

In our understanding, the workshops, that will happen in groups of 4 children at the most, will be helpful to comprehend their needs and at the same time, offer precise interventions and better quality assessment of the students.

Due to the high interest shown by the families in this workshop, a waiting list will be available, and one extra day of the challenge workshop. It will not, however, be a Math challenge, but an English language workshop.


The objectives of the activities developed in this workshop are related to the English area, addressing the participants to interact, talk and share in English, in addition to being guided by the subjects proposed each meeting. The aim is to enable them to try to express their choices and opinions about the different topics proposed, enriching their vocabulary.

Conversation Topics:

  • Let’s travel together!
  • How to pack a perfect picnic!
  • Back to school!


  • Being able to express their opinions and choices in English.
  • Having the minimum vocabulary to maintain a conversation in English: days of the week, the weather, months, seasons…
  • Be able to maintain a conversation by having the necessary lexical field concerning the 3 proposed subjects.
  • Becoming more confident to talk and interact in English.