Our Routine

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Our Routine


CIRCLE TIME is a daily moment in our routine centered in the socialization of news, researches, library book appreciations, works of art…

GAMES AND PLAY are a central part of our work. Exercising choice, respecting rules and others, expressing feelings, the contact with pretend play…

STORY TIME is a magic moment of our routine, where children are invited to experience the imaginary world. We create a special cosy environment for this highly valued activity at Puzzle.

Children also express themselves through VISUAL ARTS, creating and recreating, appreciating their productions and others´, establishing a pleasurable relation with art.

MUSIC is another language through which the child expresses herself. The child plays with rhythm, appreciates different sounds and feels the movement which naturally arises from the contact with music.

Children use the LIBRARY weekly since the first year of pre-school, making the contact with books part of their world, awakening a passion for reading.

COMPUTER games, internet and e-mail are already part of this generation´s children´s reality. The children have access, in certain moments of the routine, to the use of the computer as one more important source of information.

The contact with NATURE, taking care of the herb garden, and selecting the garbage for recycling make the children more sensitive to environmental issues.

PHYSICAL EDUCATION classes aim to establish a healthy and pleasurable relation with the body, through games and activities stimulating the child´s physical and emotional development.

The PRETEND PLAY room is a magic place for make-believe: the children turn into kings, mothers, horses… Pretend play helps the child deal with frustrations, difficulties and longings.

Measuring, pouring, adding, subtracting. These steps are part of COOKING, exercising mathematics, apart from the pleasure of making, of smelling, tact, and finally – evidently – tasting!