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English Learning

How do the children learn a second language?

English is introduced in a significant, thus pleasurable way, as the bilingual context creates a need for the children to communicate in a second language. The school represents a small community where English is spoken, making its learning meaningful. Gardner et al. named this motivational model integrating, as the children have a need and want to belong to the group. That is, in willing to belong, they do their best in communicating in the language spoken at school. Apart from bilingualism involving a cultural acquisition, the child who grows up bilingual is able to develop an excellent pronunciation in English.

“Never try to teach language per se; teach life (happiness, sadness, work, play, relationships, concepts, differentiation, self-concept, etc.) involving the children in situations and activities that are highly significant to them”.

            Gaarder, A.B. Bilingual schooling and the survival of Spanish in the United    States. Rowley, MA: Newbury House, 1977.

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