2nd Year

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2nd Year


2nd year is a group of children turning 7 by the 31st of March. The child, at this age group, starts to be more conscious of his role inside the institution – a student’s role. Little by little, he starts to perceive that, like others, he is inserted in a larger group, and thus acquires the notion of otherness. From this notion, the child begins to interact as a member of the group, equally, gaining maturity in his self-regulation process.

The total immersion programme lived to the moment makes it possible for the student to interact in a more globalized context, and the children become capable of dealing with cultural differences. They become conscious that they are responsible for building a world in transformation, being more and more capable of interpreting, expressing and negotiating meaning. The development of these capacities implies going beyond grammatical competence, working on sociolinguistic and strategic competences.

In other fields of knowledge, students are motivated to transmit, share, build knowledge and be flexible towards others. Thus, they daily expand their capacities, being active in their own learning processes.