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1st Year

Data: 28 de August de 2019 Autor: STRIT - Criação de Sites Categorias: Sem categoria


1st year is a group of children turning 6 up to the 31st of March. At our 1st year routine, we value learning through play, and this happens in a context which is very meaningful for learning a second language.
Classes that happen in Portuguese focus in literacy, which guarantee many opportunities for our young learners to understand how our written language works. Little by little, the children learn to produce texts even before they are able to write conventionally. This means that even though children are unable to read and write autonomously and “correctly”, they may use more experienced partners, and also count on the teacher as a writer.
In many of the moments in our routine and in our projects´ research process, the children are invited to encounter new ways of relating to the world, new possibilities of reading and formulating hypotheses about phenomena, testing them, refuting them, having conclusions, with an active attitude when building knowledge. That is, a student who has a central role in his/her own learning process.