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2019 Projects

Toddler – Morning

This semester´s project will be “What else can a box be?” A symbolic game is structuring in the children´s developmental and learning process because through imagination and the possibility of taking on differentiated roles, they build understandings about reality. Imaginary situations are ways to construct abstract thinking and place the little ones in the condition of representing different roles and solving inherent challenges. The focus will be in “spatiality”, through a work using boxes. We will provide the group with moments of exploration, imagination and play, such as: hiding inside the box, covering their heads, throwing them up, climbing them, piling them up, turning into a truck, a train and a house. As they play, they develop autonomy, at the same time as they become aware of and demonstrate their understandings about the world, about social relations, and about themselves.

Toddler – Afternoon

In this first semester the Toddlers will study the project: “Animals”. This study comes from children’s curiosity about animals. What sound does a dog make? And the cat? To increase the repertoire, we will bring other animals that are not part of the children´s daily life, such as the lion, elephant, monkey, among others. At this age the child understands information through his body. With this, we will use the animals to experiment, elaborate and create hypotheses. Their sounds, their paths and their movements will be the basis of our project. We will make use of jokes, games, videos, reading and primarily the body to know oneself and the other.

G3 – Morning

This semester G3 morning will work on “Unraveling the classic tales”. This project focuses on introducing students to the world of make believe, where they can work on time sequences and the places where stories happen.
For children of this age group the challenge is to recognize the group as something collective, accepting others´ space through sharing and expressing themselves with greater ease. The development of speech is extremely apparent. The activities and games that will be proposed stimulate facing calmly new situations, and being flexible to change.

G4 – Morning – Dinosaurs

In this first semester the group of G4 will study the project “DINOSAURS”.
The dinosaurs theme is very present in the children’s imagination and play. These prehistoric beings arouse much curiosity about their existence and also about its disappearance. The word DINOSAUR means “terrible lizard”. They were the largest terrestrial creatures to inhabit the planet.
With our project the children will open up to a world of discoveries and learning that will interconnect all areas of knowledge. The dinosaurs are coming to shake up the day to day routine at Puzzle´s G4!

G4 – Afternoon – Water

Water is life. Without it, our world would be rendered uninhabitable. An ever-present element in our daily lives, water is already something familiar to us all, but how much do we really know about it? This semester, G4’s afternoon group is taking off on a great research project over water, further exploring its properties and the different phenomena we can observe all around us.

Where does rain come from?
What is the difference between saltwater and freshwater?
Why do we have to drink water?
These are just some of the questions that we will broach through various scientific experiments, stimulating the children along the way to ask more questions and endeavor to find their own answers through different forms of research.

G5/G6 – Portuguese

G5 and G6 will get to know the book “The Great Radish” by Tatiana Belinky – Ed. Moderna, at the beginning of the year. This is a simple story categorized as a cumulative story. Reading, telling and listening to stories are activities in which children can learn different ways of speaking, living, thinking and acting, as well as values, customs and behaviors of their own and of other cultures located in different times and spaces of their own.
In addition to the linguistic aspect, through the book we will be able to explore the narrative, the human aspect: the question of solidarity, cooperation, sharing of goods and even exacerbated self-esteem, aspect represented by the mouse, in the humorous and unforeseen end.

G5/G6 – English

The G5/G6 English classes will be very playful, with the students participating effectively in the learning process. The child will be central in his or her pursuit of knowledge. Playing will always be present in the student’s studies. Various activities will be happen through art, science and cooking classes. In a part of our project, students will bring some collections of materials that can be used to help construct mathematical reasoning and calculus. Another project will be about kings and queens: through it, students research to learn more about this theme and with this enrich their vocabulary in the second language.

1st Grade

Here in 1st grade, the children will discover that they can play with words.
Our starting point will be the book: “Não Confunda” by Eva Furnari.
Inspired by reading, we will enter the world of rhymes.
Realizing the similarities found in the sonority of words, with freedom and autonomy, children will take risks in writing beautiful and fun rhymes!

1st Year – English

This semester, the 1st grade students will do mathematical project in English, developing the notions of equality and equivalence, probability, numerical and mental calculations, magnitudes and measures, among other knowledge that we can develop along these months. The students’ active participation will make them more easily acquainted with mathematical skills. We will also have scientific experiments, cooking classes and art activities. Playful moments will be part of our routine. Through play, learning will happen in a fun manner.
Our project will be “superheroes” with the aim of developing creativity, working with measures and magnitudes, comparisons and relations.