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1st Semester’s Projects


Who am I? What am I like?

The first years of the child’s life are marked by great transformations and discoveries. Soon the child begins to understand himself as a subject and to acquire body awareness to develop, organize himself in space, deal with himself and others, knowing how to position himself and differentiate from others.

Identity: According to the Brazilian National Curriculum Framework for Early Childhood Education, identity refers to the idea of distinction. The document states: “It is a mark of difference between people, starting with the name, followed by all the physical characteristics, ways of acting, thinking and personal history.” Building identity implies knowing your own tastes, preferences and mastering skills and limits, always taking into account the culture, society, environment and people with whom you live.

Our main goal is to get children to perceive themselves as individuals, to increase their perception of their own bodies, to learn to differentiate their tastes and opinions, and gradually to understand and respect the existence of others.

In addition, they will be challenged to observe differences such as hair types and eye color, comparing the differences between their body and those of their friends.

During the semester we will carry out sensory experiences using the Five senses:
Vision – Watching things around us.
Smell – Smell things with their eyes closed guessing what they are.
Taste – Try different flavors.
Touch – Feel and identify objects.
Listening – Listen and identify sounds.

G3 – Morning

Ladies and Gentlemen… introducing our new project, Under the Big Top!

This semester, G3’s morning group will live the experiences of a circus as well as its activities and challenges. With lots of body movements along with cooperative work, we will introduce our children to incredible ways of playing using balance by walking on tightropes, light-footedness through obstacle courses, tumbling acrobatics and lots of fun!

G3 – Afternoon

“Come and help heave!”

This semester, the G3`s afternoon group will explore the book “The Enormous Turnip”. In this context we will get our hands dirty exploring the school garden and plants.

To achieve the ultimate goal of the book requires a collective action among the characters who will harvest a turnip that has mysteriously grown beyond the average.

We will work on an important issue of this age group: the union and cooperation among classmates. This highlights the importance of each individual in the group in order to achieve collective goals.

All this with lots of fun, and inevitably, laughter!

G4 – Morning

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt

“We’re going on a bear hunt,
Gonna catch a big one!
What a beautiful day!
We’re not scared!”

This semester G4’s afternoon group is off on an exciting adventure, following the story We’re Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen. The book tells the tale of a family who set off one day to look for bears, encountering various obstacles on their way, and with a big surprise for them at the end! Throughout the semester the group will become familiar with the text and explore the story’s elements through a variety of art projects, work with sound effects and percussion, as well as theatrical activities.

If so, what are they like?

G4 – Afternoon


Blast off!

This semester G4’s morning group will be taking their focus from our world into the unknown: outer space. Throughout this project we will further explore familiar elements including the sun, moon, and stars, using research and experiments to gain knowledge and answer questions such as:

What is the sun?
Why does the moon change shape?
Why can’t we see the stars during the day?

As the semester progresses, we will also go beyond what we can observe with the naked eye, exploring the other planets in our solar system and those throughout the galaxy. With this in mind, we will formulate our own hypotheses about the universe surrounding us:

What is it like on other planets?
Do aliens exist?

G5/G6 – Morning

Exploradores do universo

Children since a very early age are interested in topics related to natural and social phenomenons that surround them.

When thinking about this, the Universe theme is attractive to children at this age, who already know a little of the world around them. It is very rich in situations that involve a significant learning, considering the knowledge that children already bring. It is essential that they are motivated to investigate these phenomenons, so that they can understand these skills, transforming what they already know into more complex knowledge. The investigative work in the classroom, which will involve research using different sources of information will be in parallel with the reading project, which includes the books: The little prince and The love of the little prince, both by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. We will have a lot of fun in this new adventure!

G5/G6 – Afternoon

My name, my identity

This semester G5’s morning group is going to build their selfie book. The group is going to describe their life journey from birth to 5 years old. They are going to be challenged to find out more about their family history and to reinforce their own identity. Throughout the semester the group will learn about different cultures, respect others’ values and to develop their confidence of who they really are.